VDS Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a wise and profitable option for clients who would like to concentrate on their core processes and leave work (i.e. innovation, purchase, architecture, deployment and operating services etc.) to a reliable service provider who specializes in the field required. At VDS we make sure that your order is delivered on time with exceptional quality and accuracy.

VDS offers three types of outsourcing to help business:
Global Sourcing

Outsourcing IT has not proven to be the one-size-fits-all solution that many hoped, and getting the right advice is not easy. At VDS, it is about your business goal, not the sourcing transaction or technology solution that is at the forefront of our mind. This unique approach means that the VDS team challenges traditional thinking in a transparent way, to ensure clients understand how all parts of the sourcing lifecycle can support their wider, long term business objectives rather than take a narrow focus on the basic transaction.

VDS carry most of their physical management/work from Asia. Asia has a vast pool of highly qualified and skilled work force. The cost savings is an additional benefit while carrying work from Asian countries like India.

Why VDS Sourcing?
Our secure network of suppliers allows us to be competitive on price and moreover consistent and dependable to our customers.
We will help you to maximize your profit margins by providing competitive pricing, excellent service and conclusive technical support.
We apply a proactive input to any request asked of us, thinking outside of the box to add value to the preparation stage of our client's initial requirement.
With the breadth of services we offer, we can invariably provide an invaluable contribution to other aspects of the business associated to the request in hand.
We compliment our conscientious and service with reliability and integrity.