VDS Services Security

Security and Defense
VDS secures clouds, mobility, emails, web, data centers, network, VOIP etc. We have seen benefits of VOIP, clouds and other technologies but in the process of saving money and increasing efficiency with these technolgoies there are numerous threats. The networking devices, the servers and their operating systems, the protocols, the phones and their software are all vulnerable. You need to perform regular assessments on each of these devices to ensure they are in line with your security demands. The servers should have minimal jobs running and only the necessary ports open. The routers and switches should be configured properly, with access control lists and filters in place. All of the devices should be up to date in terms of patches and upgrades. Use of proper Encryptions, firewalls, security tokens and an IDS is what your need.

VDS has developed a mature, integrated and proven range of technologies that are designed to cope with the most stringent data security requirements in the harshest of environments.
VDS consult your business requirments, select the right products and design that meets your needs.
VDS does the regular assessments in timely manner so your business never goes under threats.