VDS Investment

Clearly, investments that are used at investing process may vary by characteristics very widely and there are no good or bad investments; there are only proper investments for a proper investor in a specific environment.
Every investment has its own characteristics, but all of them may be summarized in few features:

Return of the investment shows what profitability (revenues) might be expected on annual basis. Historical returns do not play the main part in here, because future returns depend on many other factors too like planning, strategies, parners model, technology and services etc. It is easy to predict return for fixed income securities, but is much harder to forecast the return for equities.

Riskiness is a next most important factor for the investment. Riskiness usually is measured as a standard deviation which shows how strongly investment fluctuates in value. The higher investment fluctuations in value the higher is the risk.

Correlation is also important factor when modeling a complete investment portfolio. This characteristic does not exist for single investment, but may show the correlation of investment compared to other investments. If the correlation with other assets is low, investment may be valuable for the portfolio despite lower return.

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