VDS Services Data

B2B(SME & LE segments only)
VDS provides solutions for secure communication, management and control functions to process data from internal and external sources. For B2B processes such as data aggregation, data harvesting, business process outsourcing, data hubs and data gateways support, companies must a wide variety of data formats from external sources, integrate with internal systems, both batch and real-time. Companies need to look beyond traditional B2B capabilities such as file transfer and management of trading partners, to provide full functionality for multi-enterprise data integration. VDS helps in achieving the same.
By the variety of increasingly sophisticated needs of partners, the steadily growing volume transaction data to the market and growing concerns about the quality of exchanged data is the business for new challenges.

Multi-enterprise data integration provides:
Transformation of data in any data format, from any data source
More options for business users, less pressure on the IT department.
Early warning of problems with data quality.
Transparency in the entire process of data exchange

VDS enables IT organizations define their processes and transformations and allows business users to use these processes per partner and source configuration.